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Little Strawberries

We sell reusable coffee cups nursing pads change mats wet bags and nappies

What can I use my Little Strawberries Little Wet Bags for?

Spare Modern Cloth Nappy

Measuring 15cm x 20cm, our little wet bags hold 1 Buttons Diaper cover and insert. Being water and stain resistant, they are super compact and handy to keep in your nappy in case you need it when you are out and about.

Little Strawberries Pocket Change Mat

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Measuring the same size as our pocket change mat, our Little Wet Bags were originally designed to keep our pocket change mats in! They have a sturdy strap that can be hung from a pram, nappy bag or the headrest of your car.

Wallet, phone, keys

Some of our customers have told us they use our little wet bags to hold their wallet, phone and keys. They attach it to their baby carrier, pram or the dogs lead when they are going for a walk.

Busy Bag

How do you keep your little one busy when you are catching up wth friends? I pack a Busy Bag with different materials such as play dough, crayons, paper, puzzles or toys to keep her occupied. Strap can be attached to a high chair so it doesn't end up on the floor.

Mumma Cloth or Nursing Pads

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For ladies who like to keep their reusable nursing pads or reusable cloth pads organised, our little wet bags are perfect! So compact and lightweight, it can also be kept discreetly in your handbag if you need to change while you are out and about.
(fits at least 5 pairs of Little Strawberries Reusable Nursing Pads).

Bottles, dummies, snacks

Big enough to hold a bottle with the added protection of being water resistant in case it leaks! Also keep those extra bits and pieces in like snacks, dummies and wet wipes so they don't get lost in your nappy bag.