Reusable Swimming Nappies

Newborn Cover

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One Size Cover

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All of Buttons covers are waterproof and can be used as reusable swimming nappies.

Purchase your favourite cover and daytime inserts and your little one will be ready to hit the beach or pool.

Super Cover

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size does my baby wear?

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The majority of babies will only need one cover to do them for swimming from 3 months until they are out of nappies - the Buttons Diapers One Size Cover as they fit babies from 4-15.5kg.

Buttons Super Covers are suitable for babies from 5.5-18kg. They are perfect for toddlers and little ones with chubby legs.

Do you sell swimming nappies for premature babies?

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Yes we do!  The Buttons Diapers Newborn Covers are suitable for babies 3-6.5kg. We recommend using small inserts with the newborn covers, which can also be used with the one size covers.

Do I need to put a disposable nappy under the Buttons cover?

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No - you can say good bye to disposable swimming nappies! When you purchase a cover and  inserts you have a complete swimming nappy that you can use in the pool or at the beach.

Do I need to buy inserts for my swimming nappy?

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Buttons Diaper covers can be used for swimming with and without the inserts, however we highly recommend that you buy inserts for your cover when you are using them in a public pool.

Are the inserts reusable?


The inserts are the 'cloth' part of the nappy and they are reusable. Each time you use your swimming nappy, follow the wash routine and it will be ready to use again and again.

Can I use the swimming nappy as a modern cloth nappy?


Buttons Diapers have a unique design which makes them suitable to use as a swimming nappy. All of the covers and inserts are actually modern cloth nappies and can be used on your little one anytime of the day or night.

Public Swimming Pools

When swimming in public swimming pools we strongly recommend that you use daytime inserts in your Buttons Diaper covers to enhance the absorbency and reduce the chances of any leakage.