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Little Strawberries Reusable Nursing Pads

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What are nursing pads and why do I need them?

Nursing pads are worn inside your bra to absorb milk in between feeds. Most women find disposable nursing pads itchy and irritating, especially in the first few weeks of feeding their newborn baby. 

Experts advise breastfeeding mothers to wear nursing pads that are soft, absorbent and breathable to reduce the chance of developing an infection. 

Our nursing pads are made of three layers - super soft organic bamboo fleece which will soothe a chafed nipple, an absorbent microfiber inner layer and an outer layer of leak proof PUL. Perfect for breast-feeding mummies!

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How many reusable nursing pads will I need?

Every nursing mother is different and will have a varying amount of milk supply throughout their breastfeeding journey. Some mum's will leak frequently, some will leak occasionally and some will not leak at all. Until your baby is born, you will not know how your body will adjust.

We suggest that you purchase at least five pairs of our reusable nursing pads so you can be prepared for any leakage that may occur when your milk comes in.  You can always buy more once your milk is established.

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How often do I change my nursing pads?

It is important to change your nursing pads as soon as they become damp to avoid infection. Depending on your flow, you may need to change them frequently. 

We recommend that you wash your reusable nursing pads within 24 hours to avoid mould forming on the pads. Make sure they are dried completely before reusing.

How do I care for my nursing pads?

  • Prewash bamboo nursing pads before use.
  • Gentle wash with other laundry items using 1/2 strength detergent.
  • Line or tumble dry on low.
  • Ensure pads are completely dry after washing and between uses.
  • To avoid skin irritation and leakage, change pads frequently when wet.
  • Wash within 24 hours to avoid mould forming on pads.
  • Fabric softeners will have an impact on absorbency - do not use.


reusable nursing pads

I produced colostrum from 18 weeks pregnant and now when I feed my son, I coat his face with milk every.single.time as I have what they call an “oversupply”. As you can imagine, I know a fair bit about breast pads from leaking 24/7 for the past 28 weeks. I started off with reusable pads during pregnancy but was never really happy with the “softness” that they promised. I then switched to disposables once my son was born. And my goodness I have gone through a tonne of them in the past 5 weeks! I decided to try my old reusable pads but they were so small in size, that I would fill them within an hour. I then tried Little Strawberries Bamboo Nursing Pads. Wow! They felt like little soft clouds on my sore boobs! Plus the size is perfect for my oversupply issue. I will definitely be buying some more sets for my stash!

Olivia, Queensland 

reusable nursing pads

Whoever said breastfeeding was easy and natural must have been one lucky Mumma! Lots of little things can make the journey a little better, thanks @littlestrawberries_au for making these amazing reusable nursing pads!

Amie, Queensland

reusable nursing pads

I wish I had some of these bad boys when I first had bub - the reusable breast pads are sooo sooo soft and for any breastfeeding mumma in those first few weeks you’ll understand the appreciation for soft breast pads! I struggled to find throw away ones that didn’t hurt and have been using bamboo throw aways until now! I do have an established milk supply however I have a very good supply and still get regular let downs even when bub isn’t feeding, hence the need to still be using breast pads!

Katie, Queensland