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We are new parents who live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  

After having our baby our household rubbish more than doubled from the use of disposable nappies and wipes. Feeling guilty about our increased negative impact on the environment, we looked into ways to reduce our waste.   

We soon discovered modern cloth nappies that were affordable and convenient for our family. We love Buttons Diapers so much we decided to start our own business in Australia selling reusable cloth nappies. We hope you will find Buttons Diapers convenient, adorable and affordable too!    

Modern cloth nappies will save you money and the environment. We hope you like our selection of modern cloth nappies and they brighten up your day. We are currently selling Buttons Diapers at baby markets on the Sunshine Coast and through our online store. 

We have recently added our own collection of Little Strawberries products. Measuring 12cm in diameter, our reusable nursing pads are made of three layers - super soft organic bamboo fleece which will soothe a chafed nipple, an absorbent microfiber inner layer and an outer layer of leak proof PUL. Perfect for breast-feeding mummies!

We have designed the Little Strawberries Pocket Change Mat. Made from soft, wipeable PUL material, our change mat folds into an attached pocket with no fuss at all. There are no buttons, zips or velcro, making it easy to whip out in public with one hand.

We are on a journey to a live a more sustainable life and reduce our environmental impact on the earth. Implementing small changes each day has allowed us to continue on our journey and embrace the challenges we face.

Please email us at frais@littlestrawberries.com.au or nathan@littlestawberries.com.au if you have any questions about modern cloth nappies Australia or would like to know when our next event is.

Thank you – Nathan and Frais  

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If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or you are interested in carrying Little Strawberries products in your retail store, please e-mail us: info@littlestrawberries.com.au


The Great Cloth Diaper Change

We will be hosting The 2019 Great Cloth Diaper Change at Sippy Downs on the Sunshine Coast. Indicate that you are interested in the event on Facebook so you are informed of all event details and changes closer to the date.

The Great Cloth Diaper Change celebrates Earth Day and promotes sustainable choices and the use of reusable cloth nappies. It will be a great opportunity for families to come and learn more about modern cloth nappies and be part of the growing cloth nappy community on the Sunshine Coast.

Baby Showers and Gift Packs

If you would like to order something special for an expecting mother, please see our Gift Sets in our online store. If you would like something more specific from our collection, please contact us sales@littlestrawberries.com.au with any inquiries.

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