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We are a family of four who live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  After having our first baby our household rubbish more than doubled from the use of disposable nappies and wipes. Feeling guilty about our increased negative impact on the environment, we looked into ways to reduce our waste. 

We believe in making small, manageable changes to reduce waste, not an all or nothing approach, to a plastic free lifestyle.  

Our journey began with the introduction of modern cloth nappies for our daughter.  We discovered Buttons Diapers which was an affordable and convenient choice for our family. The all in two system helps us keep our “nappy stash” to a minimum and we use a mixture of prefold and snap in inserts.  We have twelve covers for two children and we have been able to reuse our daughter’s smaller inserts on our newborn son. Not only have we saved money and hundreds of nappies going to landfill, we also save time as we don’t have to fold and stuff nappies after we wash them.

We soon discovered there were other ways we could reduce our waste. We created the Little Strawberries Brand which helpfully inspires others to make the small changes to help their family go plastic free. We first created our Little Strawberries Pocket Change Mats – made from soft, wipeable PUL material, our change mat folds into an attached pocket with no fuss at all. There are no buttons, zips or velcro, making it easy to whip out in public with one hand. They fit perfectly onto a public change table and can be used from birth to toilet training. Not only can they be used as a change mat to keep in your nappy bag or car, our pocket change mats are great for airing time as they absorb any spills your little one might have when they are nappy free.

Our Little Strawberries Reusable Nursing Pads are perfect for breastfeeding mummies. Measuring 12cm in diameter, our reusable nursing pads are made of three layers - super soft organic bamboo fleece which will soothe a chafed nipple, an absorbent microfiber inner layer and an outer layer of leak proof PUL. If you decide not to breastfed, our nursing pads can be used as reusable make up wipes or washers. The organic bamboo terry is super soft on your face and body. 

When plastic bags became banned in Queensland we embraced the idea of creating wet bags to replace them. We currently have two types of wet bags in the Little Strawberries range – a little wet bag and a double pocket wet bag.  Both have multiple uses and can be used by all family members, beyond the cloth nappy stage.  The double pocket wet bags have two separate compartments keeping your wet and dry things separate. They can be used for travel, laundry, toys, swimming, toiletries, camping, daycare, the possibilities are endless. Our little wet bags are another item that will help you reduce your waste. Our pocket change mats and reusable coffee mugs fit perfectly inside.  They also fit one cloth nappy and can be used for spare clothes, toilet training, to carry your wallet, phone and keys, raincoats, lotions, cutlery, busy bag, pencil case, sanitary items – another endless list.

Wanting to keep our drinks hot and safe from a busy toddler, our next creation was a reusable coffee cup that was 100% plastic free. Each Little Strawberries Travel Mug comes with a BPA Free food grade silicone lid and sleeve. The mug is made from borosilicate glass meaning theyresist chemicals and acid degradation so you don't need to worry about stuff seeping into your drink. It's always safe to drink from. You can put it in the dishwasher, put it in the microwave, use it to store hot liquids or leave it out in the sun.

We are on a journey to a live a more sustainable life and reduce our environmental impact on the earth. Implementing small changes each day has allowed us to continue on our journey and embrace the challenges we face. We hope we can provide products that will inspire you to make small changes which will have a big impact on our environment.

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